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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tO my best frIEnd....

This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long

I am feeling so alone.
With you I am so happy
you keep my heart content.

But I had to be a volunteer -
so off to England I went.
That is where I found my heart

and how I feel for you.
I try so hard to deny this feeling
and I don't know what to do.

I said that I would never again
let someone take my heart.
And here I'm sitting wanting you

and hate that we're apart.
Everyday you are in my thoughts,
every night you're in my dreams.

I can't believe what's happening,
is this really what it seems?
I know you're only wanting

to be the best of friends,
but I am asking you sincerely
if it's your rule you'll bend.

To take a chance to know me
to let me share it all.
And maybe one day very soon

for me one day you'll fall.
Our friendship we now have
is something that I'd miss

but maybe once we let go
we will find eternal bliss.


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